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Eu tinha um cachorro preto, seu nome era depressão


This video was created and published by the World Health Organization (WHO) for reflection about depression.

Currently, Depression affects more than 350 million people worldwide.

WHO projections estimate that in the year 2030, among all diseases, Depression is the most common. There are effective treatments, but less than half of the probands receive any treatment. The Social Security numbers did not stop growing and depression has long been a source of absenteeism and incapacity for work.

As there is a high chance of depression become a chronic disease in which the person may have several episodes of illness lifelong, treatment is critical.

If you or someone close to you suffers from depression, seek professional help. This may be the first big step towards a big change. This black dog need not be an enemy.

Everyone must see and share, because, as a professional in the field can tell, a video so you can change a life.

Josie Conti

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